Dress Code / Uniforms

All students and staff are expected to uphold high standards of conduct and appearance. Clothing should be suitable and comfortable for normal school activities and should reflect the respect, pride and standards of the student"s home and community.

General clothing standards for all children require that shoes must be worn at all times and should be worn with appropriate socks or stockings.

Uniform Colors

BLUE! Why blue? Laura G. Rodriguez liked blue so we honor her with wearing that color. It's a soothing and calm color. We like it ourselves! It also goes with the theme of our mascot, The Sharks. Blue being the ocean where sharks explore and live.

KHAKI! It represents the color of our skin and its a grounding color. We are all human and in learning about Sra. Laura, we learn the being civic minded is a way to help and shape a culture, a community and humanity.

The following items are not allowed to be worn at school:

  • Open-toed sandals, flip flops, slippers, high heel shoes and heelies (cause feet injuries)
  • Bare midriff tops, mini shorts
  • Blouses or tops with straps smaller than one inch wide
  • T-shirts with imprinted suggestive words or pictures (inappropriate logos and words)
  • Pants worn below waist level
  • Hats worn inside buildings (etiquette)
  • Dangling or large earrings (get cut or pulled)
  • Excessive amounts of jewelry
  • Sunglasses
  • Hairstyles or excessive make-up that is a distraction to learning

Many of the above items can be hazardous when running and jumping on the blacktop and field playground. Certain ones may have a health or particular circumstance to merit use. The principal and/or may approve exceptions to the dress code for unusual situations or for specific events, such as spirit days.

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